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Altered photo of Duterte, Romualdez surfaces amid rift

The 2011 photo of Vice President Sara Duterte assaulting a court sheriff when she was still Davao City mayor has been resurrected and manipulated, this time putting House Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez on the receiving end of her punch.

Facebook user DadiKeboy initially posted on June 9 the doctored photo on his timeline and later reposted it in the satirical Facebook group House of Representa-thieves: Butasang Pambulsa with the caption:

Street Fighter VI gameplay screenshot featuring new characters TAMBALOSLOS and FIONA!

A reverse image search revealed that the original photo was first posted by on July 2, 2011, with the headline “Mayor Sara Duterte smacks the sheriff.” The photo caption reads:

FAST AND FURIOUS Mayor Sara Duterte, popularly known as Inday Sara, is about to throw a punch at Davao City Sheriff Abe Andres, who refused to grant her request to delay the demolition of squatters’ shanties on Friday. Contributed photo/ABS-CBN DAVAO

The nearly 12-year-old photo has often been doctored, with FactRakers earlier fact-checking the same photo which was manipulated after Duterte announced she was working to implement mandatory toothbrush drills for school year 2024-25.

Duterte recently struck a blow against Romualdez, discrediting his influence on her choice to pursue the vice presidency. She also deliberately refused to mention President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s middle name, Romualdez, during an event on June 5, fueling talks of the ongoing political rift.

Shortly after Duterte resigned from Lakas-CMD where Romualdez serves as its national president, she posted on May 21 a photo of herself on her Instagram account where the term “Tambaloslos” was first mentioned in the caption.

Tambaloslos is a Visayan mythical creature, known for its large mouth and phallus as well as its behavior to mislead others. It is also a Cebuano slang word used to insult men as shameless, inept or foolish.

Duterte has since refused to comment on her remarks.

DadiKeboy’s posts have generated a combined total of 151 reactions, nine comments and 13 shares as of writing. The user has garnered 485 page likes and over 2,800 followers while the Facebook group has over 100,000 members. (JIG)


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