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Dalipe didn’t link ex-president Duterte to coup plot

House Majority Leader and Zamboanga City Rep. Manuel Jose Dalipe had urged former president Rodrigo Duterte to exclude the military and police from “partisan intrigues,” but did not tag Duterte in any coup plot as YouTube vlogger Armand Dean Nocum claimed on Nov. 21. 

In a vlog on his YouTube channel Vlogcaster Armand Dean (VAD) tackling Dalipe’s response to Duterte’s warning to “watch the military and police closely,”  Nocum misleadingly said:

Diretsahan na niyang (Dalipe] in-identify si Duterte as the one behind sa mga coup plot or coup d’etat talks or moves (Dalipe directly identified Duterte as the one behind the coup plot or coup d’ etat talks or moves). (1:25 mark)

Nocum said as much in vlog’s title:

Dalipe, Diretsahan Tinuro si Duterte Bilang Namumuno sa Usapang Kudeta (Dalipe directly identifies Duterte as leader of coup talks)?!” 

Dalipe’s statement, issued on Nov. 19, made no such allegation, however. 

Instead, the House majority leader urged Duterte not to include the military and police institutions in partisan discussions, saying it tarnishes their professionalism and neutrality. He said:

I respectfully appeal to former President Rodrigo Duterte to recognize the paramount importance of keeping our Armed Forces and National Police free from partisan politics. These institutions serve as the bedrock of our nation’s security, and their effectiveness relies on unity and impartiality.

While the Zamboanga representative also said the “days of military adventurism are over,” he made no mention of existing coup talks or moves, including any supposedly led by Duterte.

Dalipe’s statement came days after Duterte said on Nov. 15 in his Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa program on Sonshine Media Network International to “watch the military and police closely,” insinuating the two institutions’ uneasiness with the emerging alliance between Speaker Martin Romualdez and ACT-Teachers Partylist representative France Castro. 

Nocum’s channel has 97,400 subscribers. His vlog has earned 39, 643 views and more than 1,800 likes. It was cross-posted on his Facebook page, gaining 16,000 views, 694 likes, 253 comments,and 111 shares. (MC)


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