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Photo for vegetable glut taken 2 years ago, not during lockdown

A photo on multiple Facebook posts depicting the oversupply of vegetables from the Cordillera region because of the Luzonwide COVID-19 lockdown is a 2018 Rappler photo first used for a news report on crop damage in the region.

The picture, posted March 27 first by Facebook page Gapnod and later DDS News before it was further shared, carries the caption:

‘OVERSUPPLY!” MGA GULAY MULA IFUGAO, BENGUET, NASASAYANG LANG SA GITNA NG LUZON LOCKDOWN (Oversupply! Vegetables from Ifugao, Benguet go to waste amid Luzon’s lockdown)

The caption was lifted verbatim from the headline of Remate’s March 26 story.

The tabloid ran a different photo for the story, but it was an old one as well and wasn’t labeled as a file photo.

The Remate photo was taken in mid-April last year of a price inspection the Department of Trade and Industry conducted at the Commonwealth Pubic Market in Quezon City.

The photo on Gapnod, DDS News and other Facebook accounts belongs to the news site Rappler and accompanied its Aug. 27, 2018 story, “Expect expensive veggies: P28M in Cordillera vegetable damaged,” written after days of heightened monsoon rains at the time.

Shot by Mau Victa, the photo’s caption reads:

RAIN OR SHINE. Porters in Baguio City load vegetables onto dealers' trucks for delivery to lowland areas like Manila and nearby provinces.

The social media posts credited neither Rappler nor Victa for the photo.

A group of farmers in Benguet were recently reported as throwing away a truckload of their produce because of the low demand. The Luzonwide community quarantine, in force since March 17, has disrupted or slowed the transportation of some goods.

DDS News has a far bigger following—651,624—than Gapnod. It was created in June 2016. Gapnod started in October last year.


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