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Photo of Duterte with anti-terror bill sign doctored

Doctored image of President Duterte holding a sign supporting the antiterror bill

A photo of President Rodrigo Duterte has been tampered with to show him holding a sign declaring the anti-terrorism bill as a solution to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The manipulated photo appeared in multiple Facebook posts after Duterte on June 1 certified as urgent House Bill 6875, which seeks to amend Republic Act 9372 or the Human Security Act of 2007. The sign the president was flashing in the photo supposedly reads:


The House of Representatives on June 3 passed the bill on final reading despite opposition from various sectors.

The bill provides for, among others, the creation of the Anti-Terrorism Council, which is made up of top Cabinet secretaries and security officials and empowered to determine what constitutes terrorism and authorize arrests without a warrant.

A reverse image search shows the original photo was taken by Agence France Presse’s Ted Aljibe on May 16, 2016, at Duterte’s first press conference as president-elect in Davao City.

The document he was holding contained notes he was referring to at the press conference.

Photo of Rodrigo Duterte's May 16, 2016 press conference in Davao after he won the elections

Duterte said at the time he would pursue peace talks with the Communist Party of the Philippines and would offer it government roles, including a Cabinet position for CPP founding chairman Jose Ma. Sison.

He ended the peace talks with communist rebels on Nov. 23, 2017 and declared the CPP and its armed wing, the New People’s Army, as a “designated/identified terrorist organization” under RA 10168, or The Terrorism Financing Prevention and Suppression Act of 2012.

The United States designated the CPP-NPA a “foreign terrorist organization” in 2002.

Aljibe’s photo of Duterte has been altered on at least two other occasions: One maliciously linking actress and Duterte critic Agot Isidro to illegal drugs; the other jokingly announcing that Duterte would cancel Valentine’s Day.

Doctored image of President Duterte holding sign saying actress Agot Isidro is into drugs
Doctored image of President Duterte holding sign saying he'll cancel Valentine's Day


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