Swedish YouTuber’s pic altered, is passed off as king, Duterte fan

A pro-Duterte Facebook page posted a doctored photo of famous Swedish YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, showing him wearing a pro-Duterte T-shirt and claiming him to be “King Johan III Könrad.”

Solid Duterte Supporters against Gang Shabu published the photo Dec. 2 with the caption:

Dahil,, mdame nkitang PEKEG SUPORTERS,, 2NAY N MKABAYAN LANG MAKAKAPAGSUOT NITO (Since there are so many fake supporters, only a true nationalist can wear this).

Johan III was the king of Sweden in the late 1500's. The current monarch is King Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus.

Kjellberg, famously known online as “PewDiePie,” is popular for his “Let's Play” gaming commentaries, vlogs and comedic content. As of 2019, he holds the second largest following on YouTube with more than 100 million subscribers.

A reverse image search shows Kjellberg’s photo is from his 2015 book launch in New York City.

An image analysis indicates the pro-Duterte T-shirt the sentence “King Johan III Konrad supports Duterte” are components overlaid onto the original photo.

The image of the T-shirt can be found at an online apparel shop, the link of which was provided in the FB post.

The stray marks on Kjellberg's shirt encricled by FactRakers also indicate manipulation of the photo.

The FB page continues to circulate images of Kjellberg as Sweden’s king. As of writing the post has accumulated 433 interactions, 140 shares and 123 comments. (AL, MN)


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