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Video passes off man in viral arrest photo as actress’ fiancé

Actress and content creator Andi Eigenmann did not get her fiancé Philmar Alipayo arrested, contrary to a YouTube video thumbnail that misrepresented him as the man in a viral Facebook post being apprehended by police. 

In a video uploaded on May 31 by channel SHOWBIZ BALITA, the couple was placed beside the original photo with a red arrow pointing at the subject as though it was Alipayo being arrested. 


The title read:

Andi Eigenmann! Pinahuli si Philmar Alipayo!! OMG (Andi Eigenmann! Got Philmar Alipayo Arrested!! OMG)!!

The thumbnail text also read:

Sukdulan na ang galit!! [Andi] ‘Pinahuli sa Pulis’ si Philmar Alipayo (With extreme anger!! Andi got Philmar Alipayo arrested by the police)!!

A reverse image search reveals that the image is from an Oct. 5, 2017 Facebook post about Eduardo Serino Sr. who was found dead and battered hours after being arrested by police that month. 

Of the five images uploaded to the Facebook post, only one – the photo used in the thumbnail of the misleading YouTube video – does not load anymore. However, a Facebook page Filipino Netizens reposted it along with the four other photos a day after it was published. 

An Aksyon Primetime Headlines news report also referenced the post. 

The misleading YouTube video came after Tiktok user Crissa Liaging (@crishabibi) posted a controversial video featuring her and Alipayo talking in Siargao. Eigenmann has responded through an Instagram story to the now taken-down video. 

To insinuate an alleged rift between the couple, the video on Instagram claimed that Eigenmann had lost trust in Alipayo and is willing to file a case against her fiancé to claim ownership of their children.

Aside from the actress’ response, there is no other post in Eigenmann’s social media accounts saying she would file a case against her fiancé. The actress also recently posted a workout video featuring her Alipayo in her IG account.

SHOWBIZ BALITA has at least 239,000 subscribers, while the video garnered at least 36,000 views, 270 likes and six comments as of writing. (HS)


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