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Vote tally claiming Duterte is in lead false

There has been no tabulation of votes cast in the ongoing national elections yet. Only after the polls close today will the Commission on Elections begin counting all votes.

However, a Facebook user has posted a vice presidential vote count that shows Sarah Duterte is far ahead in the election with 1,017,926 votes as of 11:55 a.m. The post also proclaimed Vicente Sotto and Willie Ong as ranks second and third in the race.

DUTERTE, SARAH – 1,017,926 votes SOTTO, VICENTE – 105,521 votes ONG, WILLIE – 89,111 votes

Multiple graphics indicating partial election results have been surfacing on social media with no official verification. The only source of information identified in these graphics is “Bosz Mic”, who has no official account.

Comelec Resolution 10695 mandates that the results shall be counted and consolidated on May 9 after the casting of votes and upon the closing of polls.

PH Election Commission Acting Spokesperson Atty. Rex Laudiangco reiterated this in his interview with ANC News.

He said at 6:29 mark:

At 7 p.m. there will be procedures which will be implemented by the electoral board. And included in this is the closing of the voting, of the machine, and then afterwards we will be able to proceed with the counting.

The post has already garnered 2,100 likes and 798 shares. (HM)


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