Duterte stands pat on gasoline statement, says it’s no joke

Despite insufficient evidence and its potential danger, President Rodrigo Duterte insisted for the third time that gasoline can be used as disinfectant against the COVID-19 virus. And, he stressed, he’s not joking.

In his July 31 recorded meeting on COVID-19, the president reiterated that gasoline can substitute alcohol in ridding the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2:

Pag walang alcohol available... (m)agpunta ka lang diyan sa gasoline station, pagkatapos magpatulo ng — that’s disinfectant. Alcohol oh, gaas. Iyong ginagamit ‘yung gaas pang-ano, magpatulo ka lang kung — just to disinfect (If alcohol isn’t available, go to a gasoline station and let it drip — that’s disinfectant. Alcohol oh, gas. The gas you use, let it drip — that’s disinfectant).

The president also contradicted the statement of presidential spokesperson Harry Roque that he was joking when he suggested the use of gasoline to disinfect face masks in his July 21 talk:

Para sa inyo ang hindi nakakaintindi, sa totoo lang. Hindi ako nagbibiro. Totohanan iyon. Ang akala ninyo nagbibiro lang ako (For those who don’t understand, in truth, I am not joking. It’s the truth [using gasoline as disinfectant]. You just think I’m joking).

Health Undersecretary Rosario Vergeire on July 22 also said the president might have been joking when he issued the dangerous statement. (Read: 2nd time Duterte suggested using gasoline vs coronavirus)

The president on April 16 first suggested the use of gasoline against the virus.

FactRakers said in its April 22 fact check that the president’s statement on gasoline as an antiseptic or disinfectant had no basis and could be dangerous. (Read: Gasoline as antiseptic has no basis; it’s also dangerous)


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