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FB post on cons of presidential system misuses video

Facebook page CoRRECT Movement misused a video from a YouTube channel to highlight what it says are the drawbacks of a “presidential system” of government in the Philippines.

The video uploaded Oct. 21 bore the caption:

Sa video na ito, pinapakita ang problema natin sa PRESIDENTIAL system (In this video, the problems of PRESIDENTIAL SYSTEM are shown).

The caption listed YouTube channel The School of Life as source.

However, the full unedited video uploaded Nov. 24, 2014 by The School of Life says nothing about the disadvantages of adopting a presidential form of government.

It only says, “Rich countries have good institutions while poor countries have bad ones.”

The video also mentions three factors that determine a country’s wealth or poverty: quality of institutions, geographic location and culture.

The video shows a list of rich and poor countries, the Philippines not being among them.

CoRRECT Movement’s video has 1,500 views and 54 shares as of writing. The page has 17.4 million followers. (MC, JGL, HP)


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