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Imee Marcos did not resign from the Senate

Presidential sister Sen. Imee Marcos is still part of the 24-member Senate, contrary to a YouTube thumbnail falsely claiming she has resigned.

A video posted on May 28 by BANAT KAPANIG TV claimed that Marcos’ resignation was making waves:

OMG: Grabe KINARMA na! IMEE GUMAWA ng INGAY NAG-RESÍGN na/ PALASYO PUGAD ng KAWÀTÀN KUMPERMADO PBBM (OMG: They got hit by karma! Imee made waves as she has resigned/ The palace is a nest of criminals confirmed PBBM)

The thumbnail, which features a collage of prominent political figures, shows Marcos holding a document which the channel implied was her resignation letter. 

There are no news reports or official statements from Marcos’ camp about her supposed resignation from the Senate. 

The most recent statement from the senator was released on May 24 refuting her brother President Ferdinand Marcos Jr’s statement that the Aquino III and Duterte administrations had done nothing to rehabilitate areas devastated by super typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan). 

A reverse image search of Marcos’ photo included in the collage revealed it was published in a July 2018 Rappler article about the recommendation of a House committee to file administrative and criminal charges against Ilocos Norte officials over the province’s purportedly questionable procurement of minicabs. Marcos was governor at the time of the purchase.

Marcos is not seen holding any paper in the original image, contrary to what was depicted in the thumbnail.

A quick browse of BANAT KAPANIG TV’s videos, meanwhile, showed the recurring use of the white document seemingly held up by a hand. 

For example, the thumbnail of a video it posted on May 26, which is a 10-minute audio clip of Claire Eden Contreras, a known pro-Duterte vlogger also known as Maharlika, and Jonathan Morales, a former agent of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, talking about a supposed order to Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla to revive Morales’ dismissed cases, incorporates the same document. 

The video has garnered over 87,000 views and 2,100 likes as of writing with the channel boasting 126,000 subscribers since its creation on Nov. 12, 2021. 

The channel has been fact-checked by VERA Files for another video claiming that. Jinggoy Estrada has been suspended from the Senate. (EEA)


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