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Marcos ‘quote’ claiming Moreno is showing off fake

A quote card in which presidential aspirant Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said rival candidate Francisco “Isko” Moreno was “showing off” at his joint Easter press conference because he was trailing in the race is fake.

A reverse image search revealed the fake quote card is an edited version of Philippine Star’s quote card posted Jan. 24 on Twitter about Marcos’ statement on the release of his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth (SALN).

The authentic card, based on Marcos’ interview with Radyo 5’s One News Ph, reads:

I am perfectly willing to release (my SALN). But ang sinasabi ko, ang pinagbasehan ko, sa impeachment trial ni chief justice (Renato) Corona (But what I am saying is, I will base it on chief justice Corona’s impeachment trial).

Facebook page Resbak Pilipinas Ngayon posted on April 23 the bogus quote card of Marcos saying:

Isko is showing off kase kulelat siya (Isko is showing off because he is losing). He has money but I have more money to buy votes and manipulate the May 2022 elections

There is no official video or statement of Marcos saying that. He did not comment on the joint presser of Moreno and presidential aspirants Panfilo Lacson and Norberto Gonzales.

He also did not admit to vote-buying and attempting to manipulate the May 9 elections.

The bogus quote card was dated April 20. Marcos and the “Uniteam” were campaigning in Lipa, Batangas that day.

A side-by-side comparison of the real and bogus graphics showed that the edited graphic is not properly punctuated and does not state where Marcos made the statement.

As of writing, the post has 118 reactions, 97 comments and 29 shares. It is being shared by personal accounts supporting Moreno. (GD)


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