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Negative campaign handout not in Robredo’s official media library

A handout promoting negative campaigning is not among the official campaign materials and assets of the camp of Vice President and presidential bet Leni Robredo.

A pro-Uniteam Facebook user, Team Sario, claimed in an April 30 post that the handout, which insinuates that people should not vote for Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in the May 9 election, was being distributed during a house-to-house campaign for Robredo.

The post reads:

Yan ba ang pag coconvert nyo sa mga tao? Puro pa rin paninira? Hindi na kayo nadala! Ayusin nyo mga Campaign Materials nyo (Is that your way of converting people? Still full of criticisms? Haven't you learned yet? Fix your campaign materials)!

Negative campaigning is when a politician or political party concentrates on criticizing another politician or political party rather than promoting their own positive traits.

The handout shown in the video posted by Team Sario states there that when it comes to demonstrating concern for Filipinos, people should vote for Robredo, who is honest, reliable, and righteous, rather than Marcos, who is a liar, corrupt, and convicted tax evader.

The handout is not included in Team Leni Robredo's media library, which contains all of the official campaign materials and assets of Robredo and her running mate, Sen. Francis Pangilinan, that is uploaded to google drive and is publicly available.

Marcos supporters bombarded the post's comment section with criticism.

According to Crowdtangle, the video has received 9,400 views, 503 reactions, 476 comments and 308 shares as of this writing. (HM)


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