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News anchors’ photos passed off as dismay over Marcos lead, support for Robredo NGO

Images of anchors from GMA News have been misused to show they were purportedly gloomy over the initial results of the May 9 presidential election showing Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in the lead and delighted with the volunteer network Angat Buhay NGO his rival, Vice President Leni Robredo, will be launching in July.

The post by Twitter user KafosoMo on May 14 bears the caption for two uploaded photos:

GMA news anchor when they found out who’s leading VS (versus) When they heard about Angat Buhay NGO.

The first image is a reposted image of news anchors Mel Tiangco, Jessica Soho and Vicky Morales’ May 10 interview with law professor Rowena Daroy-Morales about her insights on the elections.

However, the caption falsely claims that their downcast expression was their reaction to Marcos’ lead in the initial election results. The image was first uploaded on May 10 by Twitter user neenyoww whose caption, “I only have three moods. Feel free to choose one,” makes no reference to the election results.

When GMA reported the initial election results, only a graphic of the candidate’s votes was flashed on the screen and not the anchors themselves.

The other image shows Tiangco, Morales and co-anchor Mike Enriquez in a May 13 broadcast laughing at showbiz reporter Iya Villania as she stuttered while saying her name.

However, KafosoMo claims that the anchors’ joyous response to Villania was their reaction to Robredo’s announcement that Angat Buhay NGO will be established.

Robredo announced during her thanksgiving event on May 14 that when her term as vice president ends on June 30, she will launch the Angat Buhay NGO, touted to be the “largest volunteer network” in the country. On GMA’s story of Robredo’s announcement, only Enriquez and reporter Raffy Tima are visible on the screen.

KafosoMo’s tweet has garnered over 99,100 likes and 12,800 retweets as of writing. Several accounts supporting Marcos and Robredo across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter shared the post. (RP)


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