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Party-list rep did not claim that PH history was absent from K to 12 curriculum

ACT Teachers Party-list Rep. France Castro acknowledged that Philippine history was still integrated in the K to 12 curriculum, contrary to a claim by Vice President-elect Sara Duterte’s spokesperson Christina Garcia Frasco that Castro “sowed misinformation” by saying otherwise.

What Castro challenged Duterte, who will be the next education secretary, was to restore a dedicated Philippine history subject in high school as the current curriculum disperses Philippine history across different subjects.

Castro said in a statement posted on Facebook May 21:

As part of the so-called 'educational reforms' under K to 12, the Department of Education through DepEd Order 20 removed Philippine History from the curriculum of high school students. In effect, discussions of events in Philippine history are only integrated in several subjects instead of an independent subject focused on teaching the narration of facts and ensuring that the students understand the implications of these events in our daily lives today.

Through DepEd Order No. 20 in 2014, DepEd reformed the Araling Panlipunan (Social Studies) curriculum and replaced Philippine history in Grade 7 with Asian studies. This effectively removed Philippine history from the junior high school curriculum.

Frasco falsely claimed in a statement posted on Facebook also on May 21 that Castro misled by saying Philippine history was no longer taught in the K to 12 curriculum.

She said:

In any event, the current leadership of the Department of Education has clarified time and again that contrary to reckless and misleading claims, Philippine History is in fact being taught in the K to 12 curriculum. It is Rep. Castro who sows misinformation by making false claims on history (sic) revisionism.

Frasco added that Castro had a “personal and political agenda.”

A DepEd statement in January, which Frasco cited in her post, clarified that teachers currently teach Philippine history as “take-off points” in discussions in Asian Studies, World History, Economics, and Contemporary Issues in Junior High School; and Understanding Culture, Society and Politics, and Philippine Politics and Governance in Senior High School.

Social media users who commented on Frasco’s post accused the teachers’ party-list of “poisoning students’ minds” with wrong information. Some thanked Duterte for “debunking propaganda.”

Frasco’s Facebook post has reached more than 1,700 reactions, 100 shares and 15 comments. (CC)


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