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Photo of Duterte saluting Chinese flag doctored

Facebook page Bantay Nakaw Coalition posted a manipulated photo of President Rodrigo Duterte wearing military uniform and saluting the Chinese flag.

Embedded in the Nov. 13 photo is the text “GHONDIWANGBU,” a wordplay for “DIGONG” (Duterte) and “BUANG” (crazy in Cebuano).”

The post was captioned:

Malapit sa katotohanan. 🇨🇳 (Close to the truth. 🇨🇳)

A Forensically image analysis reveals the picture was heavily edited, with manipulated regions of the image showing different contrast from its background.

Duterte’s face was superimposed onto a man’s body. A reverse image search shows the photo was from Getty Images, taken by photojournalist Manman Dejeto for Agence France-Presse during Duterte’s May 26, 2016 press conference in Davao City.

Sources: Bantay Nakaw Coalition (left) and Getty Images (right)

A TinEye reverse image search reveals the image of the military man was posted April 22, 2008 on a Chinese e-commerce site The photo is no longer viewable on its website, but TinEye still has its thumbnail and metadata.

Sources: Bantay Nakaw Coalition (left) and TinEye search results (right)

The claim was made amid news reports that the Philippines received a P999 million China grant to rehabilitate the war-torn Marawi City, as revealed by the National Economic and Development Authority’s list of priority Build, Build, Build projects. (JRC, EEM)


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