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Post on Marcos’ disqualification case misleads

If the Commission on Elections en banc decides to disqualify Ferdinand Marcos Jr. as presidential candidate, the country’s next president will still depend on the outcome of the elections and the date of the Supreme Court’s final decision on the case.

But a May 8 Facebook post by Jomar Marquez on the group Main Pop Girls Stanposting categorically said it will be the vice president-elect who will replace him. It added a photo of his running mate Sara Duterte and insinuated that she will replace Marcos.

The post reads:

Comelec will release decision re: DQ cases filed against B/B/M on May 10. In an event of disqualification, the vice president elect will take over the presidential position.

Marcos led the April Pulse Asia Survey, enjoying 56% voter preference. Vice President Leni Robredo was a distant second with 23%. Duterte led Pulse Asia’s survey.

Elections were still ongoing when the post was published. Canvassing and counting of the votes will begin only when the polls close at 7 p.m. on May 9.

But should Marcos win, be disqualified by the Comelec en banc and question the Comelec decision before the Supreme Court, the implications of the case will depend on the date of the high court’s final decision.

The second placer of the presidential race will be declared as the president-elect if the court decides the case before the highest vote-getter is proclaimed president. Section 72 of the Omnibus Election Code states that the votes collected by a disqualified candidate “shall not be counted.”

Meanwhile, if the high tribunal decides the case after the highest vote-getter assumes office as president, the rule of succession stated in Section 8, Article 7 of the Constitution will apply and the vice president will become president.

The Comelec en banc’s decision on the appeals against the dismissal of disqualification cases filed against Marcos is expected to be released on May 10.

As of this writing the post has garnered 11,000 reactions, 825 comments and 6,200 shares. (JAC)


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