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Rappler still operating, will appeal SEC shutdown order

Rappler is still operating and will appeal the Securities and Exchange Commission’s decision ordering its shutdown, contrary to a claim by a Facebook page that the online news organization has closed.

The claim posted June 29 by the Facebook page BBM Unite Filipino People reads:

Rappler sarado na! Alamin kung bakit! Sa dami ng mga biktima ng Rappler sa Fake checking nila that not enough! Ctto (Rappler is now closed! Find out why! This is not enough as they victimized so many people through their fake checking! Ctto)

A keyword search revealed that the account reposted a snippet of a video posted by SHOWBIZ CHIKA-DORO on YouTube along with its claim.

The SEC on June 28 affirmed its 2018 ruling to revoke Rappler’s operating license and shut it down, saying Rappler’s issuance of Philippine Depositary Receipts (PDRs) to foreign investor Omidyar violated the constitutional ban on foreign ownership and management of mass media.

Rappler said in a statement it is “entitled to appeal this decision and will do so, especially since the proceedings were highly irregular.”

“We have existing legal remedies all the way up to the highest court of the land. It is business as usual for us since, in our view, this is not immediately executory without court approval,” it said.

The post has garnered 458 views, 30 reactions and four comments as of writing. (GD)


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