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Robredo leading tally of votes false

Counting of votes for the national elections will only start after polls close at 7pm today, contrary to a claim showing presidential aspirant Leni Robredo leading the tally of votes.

Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Acting Spokesperson Rex Laudiangco clarified the process in an interview with ANC today.

He said at 6:27 mark:

The closing of voting will be at 7pm. So at 7pm, there will be procedures which will be implemented by the electoral board. Included in this is the closing of the voting machine and afterwards we can proceed with the counting.

The post by Facebook page Leni’s BOBO Quotes, with over 80,000 followers, claimed that Robredo was leading the presidential race with 66,213 votes, followed by survey frontrunner Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

TOP 5 VOTE TALLY ROBREDO 66,213 votes MARCOS 31,881 votes MORENO 11,204 votes LACSON 4,201 votes PACQUIAO 1,221 votes FYI nagbrownout po sa ibang areas

Netizens shared the post insinuating cheating has already begun after the power outage.

COMELEC Resolution No. 10695 also affirms that consolidation and canvassing of votes will only be held after casting of votes and closing of polls today, May 9.

Although the location was unspecified, the post correctly claimed there were power outages.

Power utility giant MERALCO recorded 20 incidents of power outages earlier today, but announced power had been fully restored in all affected areas as of 12pm.

As of writing, the post has 1,200 reactions, 147 comments and 60 shares. (JV)


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