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Sandro Marcos’ ‘quote’ that any Marcos would win without campaigning is satire

A social card supposedly from eight foreign news organizations quoting a son of presidential candidate Ferdinand Marcos Jr. as saying he, his father and any Marcos running for public office would win in the May elections without campaigning is satire.

Ferdinand Alexander "Sandro" Marcos, Marcos Jr.'s eldest son, never said that. The card was doctored and a take-off from the graphic News 5 and One News posted Sept. 14 when the younger Marcos announced he was running for representative of Ilocos Norte’s first district.

Clearly labeled “Satire Only,” the manipulated social card was shared Feb. 5 on Twitter but gained traction in Viber chat groups where it was taken seriously. Sandro reportedly said:

My father can win this election without campaigning. The same goes with me and any Marcos who are running for elective positions this 2022 election We do not need to attend any interview, debate or public meeting to win any election in any given time. The MARCOS name is already enough to make us win.

The fake card bore the logos of American media giants NBC, CNN, NPR, Fox News, CBS News, ABC and NBC, as well as the BBC of the United Kingdom.

The younger Marcos’ original quote that appeared in the social card of News 5, One News and One PH reads:

Today, I officially announced my candidacy to run for Congressman in order to serve the 1st District of Ilocos Norte. I thank you for all the support and heed your call to serve our beloved province!

Marcos Jr. has declined to be interviewed by veteran journalist Jessica Soho and did not join the candidates’ forum held Feb. 4 by the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas.


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