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Sara Duterte’s OCTA Research trust rating is 75%

Vice President Sara Duterte received a trust rating of 75% in OCTA Research’s most recent survey, but a Facebook page has made it appear she got 80%.

DT, a pro-Duterte page with more than 950,000 followers, created that impression through a graphic it posted on Dec. 2 showing an image of Duterte and the figure “80%” written on it alongside Speaker Martin Romualdez’s image with “60%” written on it. 

The graphic also states, “DepEd is ‘most trusted, top-performing’ gov’t agency – OCTA.”

Results from OCTA Research’s “Tugon ng Masa” third quarter survey this year, conducted from Sept. 30 to Oct. 4, indeed show Romualdez ranking fourth among the country’s top government officials with a 60% trust rating nationwide. 

But the second-ranked Duterte received only 75% in the poll.

Source: OCTA Research's Tugon ng Masa third quarter survey this year

The Department of Education which Duterte heads, however, did receive an 80% rating nationwide as the best-performing government agency, according to survey results.

DepEd also led the list of most trusted government agencies with a 79% rating across the country.

Source: OCTA Research's Tugon ng Masa third quarter survey this year

Source: OCTA Research's Tugon ng Masa third quarter survey this year

Duterte had a higher rating of 83% in OCTA Research’s July survey, while Romualdez improved his rating from 54% during that period. DepEd, meanwhile, jumped from being the fourth most trusted government agency in July 1to first in the latest poll.

Recently, tensions rose between Duterte and Romualdez after the House of Representatives denied the request of the Office of the Vice President and the DepEd for confidential funds during the 2024 budget deliberations in October.

As of writing, DT’s post has gained 870 reactions, 386 comments and 67 shares, including from other high-profile pro-Duterte pages like Daily Duterte, Lapu-Lapu and Du34s.

DT has gone through several name changes since its creation in 2009 as “Inday Sara Duterte.” It was rebranded in 2016 to “Duterte Today” and to just “DT” in 2020.

This is not the first time that the page has been involved in publishing erroneous stories. It has been fact-checked by FactRakers for false claims about gold reserves in the Philippines being second-largest in the world and mislabeling Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte as “dilawan” in 2020. (AJL)


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