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Video on 2019 SEA Games opening ceremony misleads

A YouTube video claiming to be the highlights of the 2019 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games opening ceremony used unrelated clips.

The Nov. 25 video from Kakulay TV was titled:

SEA Games 2019 OPENING CEREMONY Philippine Arena (Highlight Video)

However, the five-minute video montage featured clips that were not from the Nov. 30 opening ceremony at the Philippine Arena in Bocaue, Bulacan.

A series of short clips with the words “WIN AS ONE” came from the official promotional video for the SEA Games posted Nov. 21.

Another, featuring children carrying flags of various SEA countries, was taken from the official music video of the 2019 SEA Games theme song posted Oct. 30.

In a video clip of the Philippine Arena, a photo of celebrities Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards, along with the words “Sa Tamang Panahon,” can be seen on a screen monitor.

An image search of the clip’s thumbnail reveals it to be from a Youtube video posted by journalist Raffy Tima in 2015 titled:

Eat Bulaga Tamang Panahon show at the Philippine Arena

“Sa Tamang Panahon” refers to the Oct. 24, 2015 benefit concert of the noontime variety show Eat Bulaga! at the Philippine Arena. It featured the love team of the Mendoza and Richards.

Another clip from the video showed dancers in front of the Philippine flag flashed on screen. A similar video, however, revealed it to be a rehearsal for the opening ceremony posted Nov. 21 on YouTube by user VERY WANG.

Photos of the Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena and Araneta Coliseum were also included in the video montage; neither was the venue of the opening ceremony. MOA Arena, however, was among the confirmed official venues for the SEA Games activities.

The original video from Kakulay TV has since been put on private. However, it was reposted Nov. 29 by Facebook page Basketball Report.

The Youtube video had over 352,000 views. (MC, JGL, HP)


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