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Video post falsely claims Kris Aquino has passed away

Here’s another death hoax involving Kris Aquino: This time her dead body has supposedly arrived in the Philippines, according to videos circulating on Facebook and YouTube.

Aquino flew to the United States earlier this month for medical care. On June 3, she posted a public update on her Instagram account on her condition. She has been diagnosed with three autoimmune conditions: chronic spontaneous urticaria, autoimmune thyroiditis, and late stage 4 of Churg Strauss Syndrome.

On June 24, at the mass marking the first death anniversary of her brother former President Benigno Aquino III's, her nephew Miguel Abellada read aloud a prayer for her well-being.

This was two days after Facebook page Showbiz Pilipinas 22 posted a 3-minute video titled:

Just in: Bangkay Ni Kris Aquino Dumating Na Sa Pinas | Kris Aquino Pumanaw Na | Kris Aquino Update (Just in: Dead body of Kris Aquino has arrived in the Philippines | Kris Aquino has passed away)!

The video showed Aquino’s recent pictures and clips undergoing medication in hospital and said at 1:38 mark:

Pero ang hindi alam ng karamihan ay talaga namang pumanaw na pala ang sikat na TV host, aktres at may balita na nga na nakalapag na sa NAIA, Ninoy Aquino International Airport ang kanyang bangkay (​​But what most people don't know is that the famous TV host, actress has actually passed away and there is news that her body has landed at NAIA, Ninoy Aquino International Airport).

Numerous videos circulating that claim the actress is already dead include those stating that Aquino’s family was grieving and saying personalities were crying over her death.

The post of Showbiz Pilipinas alone has already garnered 13,000 reactions, 5,500 comments and 873,000 views. (HM)


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