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Video showing Robredo refused to take a selfie misleads

Vice President Leni Robredo reached out her hand to a young supporter in Tabaco City, Albay trying to board the vehicle during a campaign for a selfie, contrary to a circulating video that falsely claims Robredo snubbed her fellow Bicolano.

Facebook account Wilfred Lacay posted the manipulated 20-second clip on Feb. 15 to falsely claim Robredo is a snob. The clip was culled from the original one-minute footage taken by Miguel Imperial during the vice president’s campaign in Tabaco City and published on Feb.10.

In the original video, the supporter was trying to board the vehicle for a selfie while Robredo’s female security personnel was preventing her from doing so. When Robredo noticed, she stretched her arms and pulled the supporter onboard the vehicle for the selfie.

The manipulated video, however, deleted the latter part of the video and misleadingly published it with the caption:

Napakaplastic talaga ng InaNila, hanggang kaway lang ang gustong gawin, at yong bbaeng gusto lng makipagselfie sa kanya eh pinababa pa. Hahaha. Halatang diring diri dahil panay pahid ng alcogel at ayaw makipag kamay sa mga tao. Paano magugustuhan ng nga tao ito (Their mother is such a hypocrite, she only wants to wave at supporters. The woman who just wants to take a selfie was boarded down. She’s [Robredo] obviously disgusted because she continuously applies alcogel and she refuses to shake people’s hands. How would people like this)?

The clip reached 34,000 views as of Feb. 20.

A similar video was uploaded by the now-defunct Facebook account Gem Estremera which garnered 22,000 views. Extremera’s account was flagged by Lenlen Kami and ABB-Anyone but Bongbong supports groups for Robredo on Feb.16.

A similar video was also uploaded by Melaine Jaine Marilla and FB page BBM Visayas which has garnered 2,000 views. (KC)


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