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Netizens fall for satirical post of Robredo accidentally voting Marcos

A graphic claiming presidential candidate Leni Robredo accidentally voted for rival Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in the election is satire.

The image was first uploaded on May 9 by the satire Facebook page Philippine Dairy Inquirer, which imitates the Philippine Daily Inquirer. It was reposted by a page called Gad Vibez with the satire disclaimer cropped out from the image.

The text in the Philippine Dairy Inquirer’s graphic reads:

Inakala ni Leni Robredo na ang na-shade niyang bilog ay sa tapat ng kanyang pangalan pero habang pinapasok ang balota nniya sa VCM, doon niya nakitang may mahal na siyang iba. #LUTANG (Leni Robredo thought that she had shaded the circle preceding her name, but it was while feeding her ballot to the VCM [vote counting machine], that she noticed that she was in love with someone else. #AbsentMinded)

Its caption reads:

BREAKING: Vice-president and presidential wanna-be Leni Robredo of Liberal Party accidentally shades her ballot for Bongbong Marcos Jr. #Eleksyon2022 #halalan2022

Believing the graphic to be true, most reposters mocked Robredo for her “absentmindedness.”

According to the Omnibus Election Code, ballots must be filled out “secretly inside the voting booth.” Taking photos of and/or with one’s ballot is illegal. Thus, the claim is false and also has no basis.

The post from the Philippine Dairy Inquirer has collected 13,000 reactions, 1,600 comments and 9,100 shares as of writing. Gad Vibez’ repost of the graphic garnered 1,100 reactions, 112 comments and 296 shares. (GD)


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