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No ‘satellite image’ taken of Panay blackout

A satellite image of the Philippines was not taken during the Panay Island blackout in early January, contrary to a Facebook post’s claim.

The photo was published on Jan. 3 by Facebook user Tsismoso with the caption: 

Only Panay Island can relate

A reverse image search revealed that the satellite image was originally published in July 2018 by Project LUPAD, a Philippine-based digital media and promotional platform. 

The Panay Island was edited out from the photo to make it appear as if the satellite image were taken when the island was experiencing a major power outage. 

The uploader also edited out the original text in the photo that reads:

Satellite view of the Philippines at night as of July 2018.

At noon on Jan. 2, many areas in Panay Island experienced a major electric power interruption after Panay Energy Development Corp. Units 1 and 2 successively shut down, according to the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines.

The company announced around 10 p.m. on Jan. 2 that it was starting to restore power in the affected areas. 

The Facebook post containing the fabricated photo has garnered 2,200 likes, 352 comments and 534 shares as of writing. The Facebook account was created July 2018 and has 164,000 followers. (MC)

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