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Robredo's ‘quote’ denying conceding 2022 election fake

A quote supposedly from former vice president and 2022 presidential aspirant Leni Robredo denying she had conceded the 2022 election and questioning its regularity is fabricated. 

The quote card published on Dec. 24 by Facebook accounts Roman Zarate and Quo vadis, Filipinas?, among others, claims Robredo said

I never conceded the 2022 election, and I believed the election was not clean, honest, and transparent.

The two accounts published 113 posts attaching the quote card in 55 different Facebook groups, excluding seven public posts of the same content. 

All the posts come with different captions, but always include the following hashtags -- #marcosjrfakepresident,#saradutertefakevicepresident, #impeachandjailgarciaanddavaokomisyoners, #arrestandjailejkduterteforlife, #InternationalCriminalCourt -- and text:

Impostors marcos-duterte were not elected by the people in the 2022 election, have no mandate and no moral ascendancy, and no legal authority to govern.
Quo vadis, Filipinas ?”

No public statement, press release or interview from Robredo and her Facebook account supports this claim. 

Robredo accepted the results of the election which she lost to Ferdinand Marcos Jr., saying in her “Tayo ang Liwanag” thanksgiving speech at the Ateneo de Manila University on May 16, 2022: 

Kailangan nating simulang tanggapin na hindi ayon sa mga pangarap natin ang resulta ng eleksyong ito. Sa ganitong paraan, masisimulan na rin natin na itutok ang sarili sa hinaharap. Kailangan tanggapin natin ang pasya ng mayorya. Nakikiusap ako sa inyong makiisa sa akin dito (We need to start to accept that this election’s result is not in line with our aspirations. Through this, we can start to focus ourselves to the future. We need to accepting the majority’s decision. I request you to join me in this). (7:57 mark)

Robredo said there were questions about the honesty of the election’s conduct and her legal team was closely monitoring these allegations and consulting with experts. She did not say it was not clean, honest or transparent. 

Addressing the public a day after the election, she said:

Hindi lang panghihinayang, kundi malinaw na pagkadismaya ang nararamdaman ng ating hanay. Mulat din ako. Ang pagkadismayang ito, maaring lalong kumulo lalo pa dahil may naulat na irregularities sa halalang ito (Not only regret, but clear disappointment is felt by our side. My eyes are open. This disappointment may worsen as there were reports of irregularities in this election). (0:57 mark)

The two Facebook accounts that posted the fake quote card have the same display photo featuring assassinated senator Benigno Aquino Jr. and a cover photo containing Robredo, her former running mate Francis Pangilinan and other opposition leaders. 

Social monitoring tool CrowdTangle recorded 1,620 total interactions from the 113 posts from Dec. 26 to 28, excluding the accounts’ posts to its profiles that started Dec. 24. (MC)


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