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FB video on Typhoon Hagibis misleads

Facebook page Moments TRND recycled a video compilation of flooded areas in India, passing them off the damage wrought by Typhoon Hagibis when it struck Japan in October.

The Oct. 13 post reads:

Super Typhoon Hagibis In Rural Area, Pray for Japan 🇯🇵 🙏

However, a reverse image search of some video frames shows the clips in the video were not of Typhoon Hagibis and had been posted as early as August this year.

One clip, posted in August by YouTube channel FOBOS LIVE, bore the title:

Floods in Himachal Pradesh, India (Aug 19, 2019)

Another was of a building in Hamirpur, India that collapsed, as seen in the YouTube video posted by Zee News in August 2019. Here is its location on Google Maps.

Yet another was of a national highway in India damaged by rain and landslides, as posted by Kanak News in another YouTube video also in August. Here is its approximate location based on the YouTube video details:

The FB post garnered 125 reactions, six comments, 79 shares, and 21,000 views on Facebook. (MC)


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