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Hontiveros didn’t slam next national security adviser

Sen. Risa Hontiveros did not question or criticize the decision of incoming president Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to name retired political science professor Clarita Carlos as his National Security Adviser.

This is contrary to a fabricated quote Facebook user Lethe Sasan Anipse attributed to Hontiveros.

The quote card posted on June 10 reads:

Paano siya magiging National Security Adviser hindi naman siya security (How will she become a National Security Adviser when she’s not security)?

The communication team of Hontiveros confirmed to FactRakers that the senator made no such remark. No news media outlet also reported Hontiveros as having criticized Carlos’ credentials.

Facebook user Drew Castro first posted the quote card on June 9 as satire. Castro wrote the caption:

Hindi nga naman kase security si Prof. Carlos (Prof. Carlos is not a security)! The legacy of Risa Hontiveros. Satire ito siyempre (Of course, this is satire)!

On June 8, Marcos announced that he has selected Carlos as his security adviser.

OneNews.PH published on June 21 a fact check on a TikTok video posted by user “I am Shanwein” who also shared the spurious quote card.

Crowdtangle statistics for the past week showed that the fabricated quote has been reposted 29 times on different Facebook pages such as Rodante Marcoleta Solid Supporters, Bbm-Sara Uniteam Official 2022, The Big 5 Supporters-Marcoleta, Defensor, Barzaga, Remulla & Bautista, One For Duterte and Tatay Digong-Unofficial. The post has a total 10,620 interactions as of writing. (KC)


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