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Roque misclaims media ignored Sandro Marcos’ reply on fake onion quote

Traditional media reported presidential son and Ilocos Norte Rep. Sandro Marcos’ statement denying he told Filipinos to buy white onions as an alternative to red onions, contrary to former Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque’s claim that they didn’t.

Marcos on Nov. 26 issued the denial through his Instagram account after a social card containing the following fabricated quote and bearing the logo of SMNI News began circulating on Nov. 25:

Why the big fuss about the prices of red onions? Common sense dictates that you use white onions when red onions are expensive and alternatively, use red onions when white onions are expensive. Simple problems need simple solutions.

Marcos said in his Instagram story:

More fake news, never said this or gave any interview ✌️✌️ Try harder guys 😜

Roque, however, said during his appearance in SMNI News’ program “Pulso ng Bayan” on Dec. 1 that news organizations disregarded Marcos’ statement:

Hindi naman talaga cinover ng traditional media yung denial ni Congressman Marcos na siya ay nagsabi noon (The traditional media did not really cover the denial of Congressman Marcos that he said that).

Before posting his denial on Instagram, the fake quote card first caught Marcos’ attention after it was reposted by Liberal Party Secretary-General Teddy Baguilat Jr. on Twitter. Marcos replied to Baguilat’s now-deleted tweet and called him out for spreading “disinformation.” Baguilat issued an apology afterward.

SMNI News released a statement as well, condemning the use of their logo in the fake quote card.

Prior to Roque’s guesting, multiple news organizations had already reported Marcos’ denial and Baguilat’s apology.

Manila Bulletin released an article reporting on Marcos’ denouncement of the fake quote card. and Pilipino Star Ngayon also published social media posts reporting on the congressman’s denial.

Meanwhile, VERA Files, Daily Guardian, and The Baguio Chronicle produced fact-checks rating the quote card as fake.

The other news organizations that reported on the issue were REMATE ONLINE, RadyoMaN Manila, POLITIKO, Balita and Abante TNT.

The Facebook post of the program has accumulated over 93,000 views, 5,100 reactions, and 437 shares as of writing. (TN)


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