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Manipulated photo shows Robredo in military uniform

A doctored photo of Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo in military gear accompanied a website article published Nov. 6, the day she accepted President Rodrigo Duterte’s offer to lead the drive against illegal drugs.

MindaNation, the website, claimed in the caption that the photo was:

An artists (sic) perspective of newly-minted ICAD co-chair, VP Leni Robredo, during her first day of actively participating in the war on drugs

A reverse image search reveals Robredo's face was cut out from a photo and overlaid on another, that of a member of the Philippine Army.

The untampered photo of the soldier was published in 2016 in a website featuring the Armed Forces’ upcoming uniform. The manipulated photo blurred the embroidered patches and added a helmet on Robredo.

Robredo's image was from a BusinessWorld photo taken at the plenary deliberations on the proposed 2018 budget for the Office of the Vice President.

Duterte on Nov. 6 appointed Robredo as co-chair of the Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs or ICAD. (AL, MN)


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